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What the Locals Know about Collin County, Texas

Allen, Frisco, Lucas, McKinney, Murphy, Plano, Prosper, Wylie

Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a House in Collin County

The things you always want to know before moving into an area are answers to questions that the folks who grew up in the area know but you won't know unless your realtor tells you. And let's face it: there are things your realtor cannot tell you and, since they are compensated by the seller, probably won't tell you.

And how are you supposed to know answers to questions such as "where is the local dump or landfill?" "Where do the underground pipes run?" "Where was the land contaminated until it was recently cleaned up?" "Where's the airport flyover pattern?" and more!

We'll do our best to answer these questions, and others, but also advise you to check with the local governing authority (city, town, or county) to find out how the beautiful field is zoned that your new home would be backing up to. And be advised: that can change rapidly.

We do not guarantee this list is updated beyond the date indicated at the bottom of the page, or that it is a comprehensive list. We are just providing a head start for you on your own web search.

Collin County, Texas

This area is reserved for facilities with multiple locations throughout Collin County or apply to the entire county.

Are There any Oil and/or Gas Wells in Collin County?
As of January 2018, according to the map in the above link, provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, there are no oil and/or gas wells located within Collin County, Texas.

Cleanups in My Community
According to this map provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency on 3/21/18, there are no cleanups of Incidents of National Significance within Collin County.

Electrical Grids and Substations
You can use this map to see where the power grid is located. This includes the large transmission lines as well as substations.

Flight Paths
View the airlines "highways" in real time. There are two major airports in Dallas, DFW and Love Field.

Flood Map
Is the home you want to purchase, or current reside in, located within a flood zone? Check the address on this map provided by FEMA.

Income Map
Would you like to know the general income levels of the neighborhoods you are considering? Once you visit this site, scroll down to the dark blue menu bar and click on "Interactive Map." Once on the map, click on "Overlays" (located in the top left corner). Then choose "Income." You can also view the map with an overlay of age and population.

Pipelines run all across highly populated areas, but you can know where they are located and assess your risk by viewing this web-based map of gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipelines, liquefied natural gas plants, and breakout tanks.

Special Assessment Districts - PIDs and MUDs
A Public Improvement District (PID), is a defined geographical area established to provide specific types of improvements or maintenance which are financed by assessments against the property owners within the area. [Interim Report to the 86th Texas Legislature, House Committee on Special Purpose Districts p.26]

Likewise, a Municipal Utility District (MUD) is formed under specific circumstances to provide utility services to a designated area. [Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)]

Click on the above link for further explanation of MUD and PID districts.

Property Tax Rates of Collin County Cities Whether you're considering purchasing a home in Frisco, Prosper, Plano, or McKinney--or any of the other wonderful cities within Collin County, Collin County provides the current tax table for you. Just remember to check the address for all of the taxing entities for your potential new home.

Wastewater Treatment Plans
Chances are you don't want to live "down wind" from a wastewater (sewer) treatment plant. There are six located within Collin County in the following cities: Allen (Wilson Creek WWTP near Lavon Lake), Farmersville (Farmersville 1 & 2 WWTP), Frisco (Cottonwood Creek WWTP), Lavon (Bear Creek WWTP), Plano (Rowlette Creek WWTP), and Wylie (Seis Lago WWTP near Lavon Lake).

Occasionally there is a Sanitary Sewer Overflow due to heavy rains. Read more on the North Texas Municipal Water District link above.

You may be interested in this study published in 2016 on the impact on the quality of life when living close to a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Water Quality
Would you like to know the quality of your water before purchasing your home? From this link you can view the reports for each city in Collin County.


Martin Marietta
Ready mix and aggregate yard.
11481 Co Rd 53, Celina, TX 75009

Municipal Utility District (MUD) in Celina
Light Farms is located in a Municipal Utility District (MUD). This is not necessarily comprehensive. Please refer to the Water Districts Viewer Map

Public Improvement Districts (PID) in Celina
The link above lists the neighborhoods developed with PIDs.


Rogers Delinted Cottonseed Co.
The cottonseed delinting facility operated from 1965 to 1984, when it was abandoned. It is an 81-acre site, the 20-acre processing area located in the northwest corner of the property. Contaminants used on the property were arsenic compounds, sulfuric acid, and fungicide. The spent acid solution was collected in two settling ponds from which the water was discharged through evaporation and irrigation of the cotton fields. In 2006 the state published a legal notice "that the site no longer presented an imminent and substantial endangerment to public health and safety or the environment." Details.
M547 @ E Audie Murphy Parkway, Farmersville


Exide Frisco Battery Recycling Plant
The cleanup of this site is not yet complete. View the EPA details here. This facility operated from 1964 to November 2012. The primary contaminants of concern are Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Arsenic (As), and Selenium (Se) "due solely to Exide's past illegal, cost cutting waste management practices." (Attorney Kerry E. Russell's letter dated March 20, 2017 to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TCEQ) Russell stated "it is clear all of the sediment [of Stewart Creek] is contaminated for a number of miles downstream of the Exide property." (Russell's letter dated June 3, 2016 to TCEQ). See the City of Frisco's website
for updates.
7471 5th St, Frisco

Ready-Mix Concrete Plant
It appears there are three concrete businesses at this location.
14800 Highway 121, Frisco

Public Improvement Districts (PID) in Frisco
The link above lists the neighborhoods developed with PIDs.


Municipal Utility District (MUD) in Lucase
Seis Lagos Utility District serves the Seis Lagos community, which began development in 1978 and has continued building.


Brownfields Properties
There are numerous Brownsfields Properties located within McKinney, concentrated on the east side of Hwy 75. (View map by entering your zip code under "Your Community".) The EPA defines a Brownfield site as "a property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant." From the City of McKinney website: Dating back more than 160 years, McKinney historic Town Center area has had numerous environmental legacies associated with past industrial and commercial operations (gas stations, agricultural mills, cotton gins, etc.) that used hazardous substances (i.e. solvents, dyes) or petroleum products with their businesses prior to the advent of modern environmental regulations.

Collin County Jail and Juvenile Detention
The facility will ultimately manage an estimated 1,600 inmates at build-out.
4300 Community Ave, McKinney

McKinney National Airport Land Aquisition Map
Martin Marietta Ready Mix Plant; Cowtown Redi Mix, Inc; Lhoist North America
There are three companies operating concrete batch plants at this site. Plant providing commercial, institutional, and residential concrete as well as road & bridge and specialty mixes. This plant was the source of an apparent release of particulate matter which covered a nearby neighborhood. Read Community Impact's article here and the City of McKinney's statement here. Additionally, neighbors have complained on the NextDoor app that in the wee hours of the morning (1:00-3:30 am) incessant backup beeps, loud clangings of steel girders, and reverberating sounds emanated from the facility in January 2020. The Dallas news covered this same situation in July 2018; read it here.
2005 S McDonald St, McKinney

McKinney National Airport
The McKinney Airport has plans for expansion beyond it's current footprint. Mayor George Fuller. " the DFW Metroplex continues to experience explosive growth, there will be a third commercial service airport needed. McKinney National Airport is in a strategic position to provide that service when the demand and market are ready." Community Impact Article Sept 3, 2019

Occasionally airplanes do crash. View Fox 4's video here.
1500 Industrial Blvd, McKinney, TX 75069

McKinney Smelting Inc.
Previously a scrap metal site, which resulted in documented contamination of lead and petroleum based products (gasoline, oil, etc.) Cleanup of this site was completed June 16, 2017. As of March 25, 2018, this site is under government control.
341 E. Virginia Street, McKinney

Municipal Utility Districts (MUD) in McKinney
At the time of this writing, Trinity Falls is the only MUD located within McKinney.

This is a top secret facility. From the Raytheon website: Raytheon Company, with 2016 sales of $24 billion and 63,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. With a history of innovation spanning 95 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, C5I(TM) products and services, sensing, effects, and mission support for customers in more than 80 countries.
2501 W University Dr, McKinney

Waste Connections Of Texas
A recycling drop off for the public, or a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). (You will not be compensated for anything you drop off.) If you click on the City of McKinney's website you can view a list of what they'll accept--and will not accept. They will not accept your trash. Trash and recycling trucks also operate from this facility.
2138 Country Ln, McKinney

Melissa Landfill Aerial Photo


North Texas Municipal Water District Landfill
This property is authorized for municipal solid waste disposal, petroleum storage tank, stormwater, and used oil. In 2013, the facility accepted 782,791 tons of waste and has a total remaining capacity of 88,114,323 tons. The remaining lifetime is through 2025. Learn about the tonage, remaining years, to operate, etc from the North Central Texas Council of Governments
3820 Sam Rayburn Tollway, Melissa


Air Park-Dallas Fort Worth
A public use airport primarily for homeowners of the association.
1912 Airpark Ln, Plano

North Texas Municipal Water District Transfer Stations
These stations accept trash deliveries from your local "garbage truck" and residents at which point 18-wheel transfer trucks pick up the trash and deliver it to the landfill in Melissa. At the Custer location (and the Melissa Regional Composting Facility located at the landfill), you may purchase organic gardening mulch bagged or in bulk.

Custer Transfer Station, 9901 Custer Road, Plano

Parkway Transfer Station, 4030 W. Plano Parkway, Plano

Lookout Drive Transfer Station, 1601 E. Lookout Drive, Richardson


Collin County Ready Mix LLC
Concrete plant.
1134 FM982, Princeton


Ready-Mix Concrete Plant
There are multiple concrete businesses at this address, as well as other industrial-type businesses.
706 S Dallas Pkwy, Prosper


Ready-Mix Concrete Plant
It appears there is just the one concrete business at this location.
1502 FM 544, Wylie

Updated February 16, 2020

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