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Terms and Conditions

We know this is ridiculously long, but required, so here goes...
  1. This agreement is made between Advertiser and publisher Collin County Guide LLC (CCG).
  2. All prices reflect automatic credit card processing or full prepayment of agreement, and does not include invoicing. Your credit card statement will serve as your receipt.
  3. An Automatic Payment Profile must remain active during your advertising term. Your credit card will be automatically charged each month until you cancel.
  4. You must always provide a 30 day notice to cancel.
  5. CCG may cancel this agreement at any time without notice if Advertiser's credit card is declined. At such time, CCG may re-bill the Advertiser for the outstanding balance due at time of cancellation. Past due balances shall accrue at the rate of 1.5% per month.
  6. This agreement is entered into the term selected by the Advertiser but in all cases with a two-month minimum. After two months, the agreement may be canceled by Advertiser by providing notice at least thirty days prior to the next billing date. Advertiser will provide notice to Collin County Guide may cancel with or without notice but in any case will attempt to provide notice to any email address provided by Advertiser.
  7. To meet the two-month minimum, the same ad may run on two pages of CCG for one month.
  8. CCG reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising copy submitted. Modifications may be made and resubmitted to Advertiser for approval prior to posting.
  9. Advertisements requiring professional licenses (i.e. contractor, CPA, etc) will require the license number to be submitted with the ad, which will be verified prior to publication of the ad.
  10. CCG is an online publication only.
  11. Placement of ads vary depending upon what device viewer is using and may change with redesigns of the CCG website.
  12. CCG reserves the right to revise the rates and any other terms and conditions at any time. Current advertisers will remain at the same rate until they cancel or are provided a thirty day notice of increase from CCG, at which time they may choose to continue services at the new rate or cancel the agreement. Continued use of the services provided by Publisher indicates Advertiser agrees to the new T&C.
  13. CCG's liability is limited to direct costs of advertisement and includes no indirect damage resulting from lost business or profits. Advertiser will indemnify and hold harmless CCG for any loss, expense, or liability resulting from claims or legal actions resulting from statements or inferences in Advertiser's published ad. CCG will assume no responsibility for any unwanted, unsolicited emails, including Spam to Advertiser's email address as a result of the email address being posted on CCG's website.
  14. Failure to perform any term or condition of this Agreement as a result of conditions beyond CCG's control such as, but not limited to, war, strikes, fires, floods, earthquakes, acts of God, governmental restrictions, power failures, or damage or destruction of any network facilities or servers, shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement.
  15. In the event action is taken between the parties to this agreement, CCG assumes no liability for Advertiser's attorney's fees. However, if CCG is the prevailing party, Advertiser assumes CCG's reasonable attorney's fees.
  16. This agreement shall be deemed to be entered into and performed in Collin County Texas and shall be construed in accordance with that state's laws without reference to its choice of law rules.
  17. None of the terms of this agreement may be altered except by CCG. This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, and by facsimile, all of which shall constitute the same agreement.
  18. This agreement is not enforceable until accepted by CCG. Acceptance will be deemed to occur upon the commencement of work by CCG. CCG may, in its sole discretion, reject Advertiser's application for service. Reasons may include but are not limited to Advertiser fails to provide accurate or complete credit card information or other required information, if CCG determines submission does not fit CCG's audience, or if CCG is unable to provide the services for any reason.
  19. Upon acceptance, CCG will provide the services of advertising according to the information provided by the Advertiser. CCG accepts no responsibility for incorrect information provided by Advertiser.
  20. After posting the listing or ad, CCG will advise Advertiser by email. If Advertiser does not contact CCG via email within one business day to the contrary, listing or ad is deemed as approved by Advertiser.
  21. CCG reserves the right to charge advertiser for special or custom production requirements pre-approved by the Advertiser.
  22. CCG will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on order blanks or copy instructions when such conditions conflict with the terms and conditions set forth herein. No waiver or modification to the foregoing shall be binding on CCG unless agreed to in writing by CCG.
  23. Payment is required to reserve an ad space. If payment is not received as of the start date, or if credit card payment is not approved by Advertiser's credit card company, ad space will not be reserved. "Reserved" is defined as "not sold" and does not guarantee an ad will be placed if Advertiser does not provide ad copy or payment as defined in this agreement.
  24. The person who submits the order will serve as CCG's primary contact for all purchasing, graphics, and placement decisions unless noted differently in the Comments section of the form. CCG staff will take direction from one person serving as the representative for the company. Advertiser is permitted one revision, after which time a reasonable fee will be billed.
  25. "Ad Start Date" begins within one business day of payment received, unless CCG requires further time to process and post ad. "Ad Start Date" will not be postponed due to Advertiser's delay in providing necessary information to post ad.
  26. Graphic artwork must be provided within one business day of requested ad start date in web-ready format. If not provided in web-ready format, CCG will not sell the ad space while collecting payment from the Advertiser, but CCG may display CCG's content while waiting for web-ready ad from Advertiser. Web-ready materials are defined as electronic files that conform to the mechanical specifications published by CCG. CCG may compress the image as required for memory or bandwidth.
  27. Editorial or graphic swaps are subject to the currently posted processing fee. The fee at this date is $29. (Does not include Graphic Design fees, if applicable.)
  28. If you have elected to supply the graphic per your advertising choice, you are responsible for providing a clear image. CCG will not rebuild your ad without a fee to clear up the image.
  29. CCG is not bound to run any ad promoting an event that has passed. If Advertiser purchases and submits an ad for the minimum term, and time allowed for posting said ad is less than the term, no credit will be provided for the remainder of the term.
  30. CCG is not bound to run any ad that has gone through the payment process. If the ad is rejected for any reason, a refund will promptly be issued to the Advertiser.
  31. Once an event is posted, it is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise CCG of any schedule changes. All updates and changes will be performed during regular business hours. CCG will make every reasonable effort to update these changes, but is under no obligation to do so once the event has been posted.
  32. Once any listing, ad or any promotion to an Advertiser is posted, Advertiser agrees to notify Collin County Guide of changes, including website or page link changes. Collin County Guide is not responsible for broken links if not notified by Advertiser.
  33. Third party service providers recommended by CCG are not affiliated with CCG. CCG makes no endorsement of service and is not responsible for agreements made between our Advertisers and third party service providers.
  34. Calendar Submission: The event submitted by Advertiser prior to purchasing a Paid Listing will be upgraded to the Paid Listing unless CCG receives an email specifying otherwise at time of submission.
  35. Calendar Submission: Paid listings should appear within one business day of purchase, however CCG is not bound by this time frame.
  36. Calendar Submission: Event Title and Location of Paid Listings may be edited for space. CCG will make a reasonable effort to maintain the title of the event as close to that as requested by Advertiser. An email will be sent to Advertiser advising the event has been posted, at which time Advertiser is responsible for reviewing the listing.
  37. Calendar Submission: Paid Listings may list the same multi-day event up to three consecutive days providing the title and location remain the same for all three days.
  38. Additional Page Listings: The page listing will be placed with the Display Ad purchased. If listings on this page are not available for purchase, the most appropriate page for the business with listings will be selected. Under no circumstances may a listing, paid or included with the ad, be placed on a page with a higher rate than the page purchased for the Display Ad.
  39. I have read and understand the Privacy Policy of this website.
  40. I agree that nothing has been stated and agreed upon that is not in this agreement or written in a separate agreement.

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