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Does your home look like any of the above? Tell us!

We receive submissions each year from homeowners who would like to have their address listed to show off their Christmas lights. Of course, we'd love to list every house, but it just isn't possible. So here's how we decide which homes are listed, and which homes are not listed.

The Criteria We Use

Is your home in a neighborhood already listed?
We do not list individual addresses of homes located within a neighborhood already listed.

Does your neighborhood go all out with decorating, but it's not listed here?
Tell us about it! We'd love to include it if there are three homes or more in one block that fit the criteria below.

Have you won an award from the local media, the City or your HOA for your decorating?
Send us a copy of the award (showing the year awarded), a photo of your house, and your address. If it is current, we'll probably include it!

Is every square inch of your home and yard covered with lights, but you're the only person on your block with the Christmas spirit?
We may be able to include it. (A minimum 10,000 lights are required to be considered.)

Are you near another home already listed?
This may help for it to be included but would still need some of the other points above. Send us your address along with a photo of your house.

Please send to us:

  • Number of lights on your home.
  • Number of characters, animations, etc.
  • Special features such as "Is this a light show?"
  • Exact dates your light show runs
  • Exact hours you commit to keeping your lights on
  • Does your display stay lit during inclement weather?
  • Closest display listed on our site to your home
  • Include a photo or video link. Our apologies, we do not open photos emailed directly to us.

How to Contact Us

Send a photo to us via email

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