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Environmental Health Departments of Collin County

including Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and Plano

Craving BBQ? Did you know you have the power to choose which restaurant is taking precautions as dictated by the city's environmental health department to make certain you and your family or friends stay well? In our quick search of BBQ restaurants in Plano, for example, we found one BBQ restaurant listed with an "A" rating and another with a "C".

If your city or town does not make this information easily accessible to residents, ask them to do so. You have the right to know if your health is on the minds of the folks preparing your food.

Here's a quick tip from a food inspector: When you enter a restaurant, check out the restroom before ordering. If it's dirty, or there isn't any soap available, keep in mind this is the same restroom being used by the cooks and servers.

restaurant health scores for Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano TX
We've listed below all of the health department websites so you can check the scores before heading out to eat.

Environmental Health Departments of Collin County

If you've moved here from Southern California, you're probably looking for the big blue "A" in the windows of the restaurants. While that isn't standard practice in Collin County, you can often view the scores on your phone before you walk in. The municipalities each use their own system. While some operate on a score of 100 being the best and anything below 90...well, not the best...other cities give "demerits" of 1, 2, or 3. So we'll clue you in on whether you're looking for a high score, or low score, when reviewing the lists.

Allen Environmental Health Division

You'll need to download the most recent health score report. You're looking for a high score here.

Fairview Health Inspections

The page is currently under construction, but you can call 972-562-0522 and inquire about a particular restaurant.

Frisco Health & Food Safety

The restaurant scores are available alphabetically online to review. You're looking for a low score here.

Lucas Health Scores

The scores are not available online for Lucas.

McKinney Health Compliance

The alphabetical restaurant inspection list automatically populates, or you can click the option to view a map of restaurants, which allows you to find a restaurant with a great score by location. You're looking for a low score on this list.

Murphy Texas Restaurant Health Scores

The alphabetical restaurant listings will auto populate with the inspection scores. You are looking for a high score here.

Plano Food Service Inspection

This is the most extensive restaurant score reporting we found. The system works much like California, providing an A, B, C, D, or F grade. You can click on the name of the restaurant and see the score history, and click on the date and see exactly where the restaurant should improve.

Town of Prosper Food Establishment Scores

This information is not online for Prosper. Call 972-569-1079.

Wylie Texas Food Scores

The list of restaurant scores automatically populates alphabetically. You're looking for high scores here, and when we checked in April 2019, the scores were all impressively high.

by Debbie Krubsack
April 27, 2019
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