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Nonprofit Media Sponsorship Opportunities Offered by Collin County Guide

includes the cities of

Allen, Anna, Celina, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Prosper and Wylie

event sponsorship in Collin County TX

You want to get your event and organization in front of as many people for as little cost as possible, right? We can help. Our calendar of events is always in the top Google search results for cities in Collin County. Which makes sense, as it is also the most consistently viewed page on Collin County Guide.

To all businesses and nonprofits located within Collin County, we will post one event to our calendar each month at no cost. We also randomly select events to add to our calendar to keep it interesting to our viewers. For organizations that host multiple events in a month, such as a theater or performing arts center, posting of more events may be desired.

One of the questions we are frequently asked is "Will Collin County Guide sponsor our event?" We do consider providing media sponsorship on a case by case basis to nonprofit organizations and government-sponsored events. These are limited to our paid advertisers who also work with a local nonprofit as we want to be certain we can fulfill our promises.

What Collin County Guide Provides

  1. Assured listing of the event(s) in our calendar*
  2. Expedited posting of the event
  3. Promotion of the event(s) in our social media, when applicable**
  4. Inclusion of a photo on an appropriate page (when space permits)
  5. Client bypasses event submission form and may submit press release (optional to you)
* Events subject to posting guidelines **Promotion in social media subject to availability

What Collin County Guide Requires

  1. Listing/link back to as a media sponsor from your website
  2. Collin County Guide's name and logo on all print advertising for the event and any handouts, as appropriate*
  3. "As Seen on" door sign, as appropriate*
  4. Four tickets to each event. (Each "title", not each performance. For example, if a theatrical group is performing the title at six different times, Collin County Guide would receive tickets to one of those performances, date and time determined by Collin County Guide.)
*Print requirements are negotiable based on the nature of the sponsorship and availability of printed materials.

How to Get Your Organization Sponsored

  1. Review our Calendar Policy to make certain the event(s) would qualify for listing on our calendar.
  2. Confirm your event(s) will take place within Collin County.
  3. Send an email with the subject "Sponsorship Consideration" to with a description of your organization or event that you would like considered for sponsorship.
  4. Confirm our terms are acceptable to your organization.

Please allow two business days for our team to review your request and get back to you.

Thank you for considering Collin County Guide as a media sponsor.

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