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N & P Farm and Dairy LLC

Farmersville, Texas

We like to uncover the really unique and fun things to do in Collin County. In some cases, we even help to create them if we believe it will be mutually beneficial to our viewers and the business owners. This is one of those times the business owner thought we were crazy and our viewers loved it! What was it? Milk tasting!

Did you know you can visit a raw milk (goat and cow) dairy farm and sample raw cow milk, raw goat milk, kiefer, homemade chocolate milk (none of that high fructose corn syrup!), coffee milk, buttermilk and whatever else owners Steve and Lyn Horton have on hand?

Their little dairy has become so popular that if you plan to take some home with you, it is best if you call ahead as they sell out on most days.

kefir fermenting at N&P Farm & Dairy in Farmersville, TX
Why has N & P Farm and Dairy become a favorite of our viewers and many others in the North Texas area? I believe there are several reasons.
  • N & P's raw dairy products are second to none. They are very selective with the quality of their herd and take exceptional care of their animals. (That's why you won't be able to visit some of the animals as they are quarantined from human interaction to maintain their health.)
  • They take particular care of their milking equipment, diligently sanitizing to kill any harmful bacteria.
  • They offer milk tastings on Wednesday and Saturday to anyone who asks.
  • They offer artisanal dairy products not available anywhere else in North Texas.
  • Owners Steve and Lyn love people and their infectious laughter and warm hospitality show it. You are always invited to pull up a chair in their welcome area and have a good time. That is, if there are any chairs available--especially on a Saturday!


N & P Farm and Dairy LLC is a Texas licensed Grade A Raw Dairy. This means they can sell raw milk from their dairy. (Legislation is pending that may allow raw milk to be sold at farmers markets as early as May 2017.)

Kind Treatment of the Animals at N&P Farm and Dairy

Most dairies milk their animals twice a day for maximum production, but owners Steve and Lyn learned that it can be beneficial to the animal to milk only one time per day--reducing production by only about 20 percent. So, they've reduced their milking to one time daily.

Products Offered at N & P Farm and Dairy

Raw goat milk and raw cow milk are a staple of this dairy. When she has enough product on hand, Lyn crafts her own raw kefir, buttermilk, yogurt and cream. She also makes her own chocolate and coffee sauces to craft raw chocolate and coffee milk. One of her favorite, and very rarely available, products is cajeta (a Mexican caramel made from goat milk). Cage-free eggs, pastured chicken, and seasonal vegetables are also available.

You Can Actually Taste the Milk Before Buying!

With a short walk to the beautiful red dairy barn, you'll pull up a stool to the shiny stainless counter where Lyn will pour a sample of raw goat milk, raw cow milk, buttermilk and kefir. If you're lucky, she'll have on hand some of her artisanal chocolate or coffee milk to sample. Get ready for some fun, because Lyn loves to introduce her customers to new flavors!

N & P Farm and Dairy at Farmers Markets

Yup, you know Lyn and Steve from the Chestnut Square Farmers Market in McKinney, where they are a regular vendor selling cage-free eggs, pastured chickens, seasonal vegetables and Lyn's artisanal products under the name Nana-n-Pops. As mentioned earlier, Texas Law does not yet permit the sale of raw milk products for consumption at farmers markets, so you'll get to visit their dairy to purchase those items.

Steve & Lyn Horton at N&P Farm & Dairy in Farmersville, TX

How to Contact N & P Farm & Dairy

Steve and Lyn Horton, Owners
N & P Farm & Dairy Facebook Page
Follow their product availability and all that is happening at the farm on this Facebook page.
Call or Text: 972.658.0291
713 CR-610, Farmersville

By Debbie Krubsack
February 21, 2017
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