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Mesquite Championship Rodeo

Tips, Discounted Tickets and What to Expect

You can't live in Texas without attending the rodeo at least once. Heck, you shouldn't even visit Texas without going to the rodeo, or it's like you haven't even been here!

While there are rodeos that pop up around and near Collin County, the staple of the Dallas area is the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, located about 30 minutes from Plano. The competitions run roughly Saturday evenings July through September, with the finals on the last weekend. The ERA (Elite Rodeo Athletes) World Championship is about a month later at The American Airlines Center in Dallas--with a three million dollar purse.

Here real cowboys are competing for big bucks, so you'll witness them stretching the realm of possibility riding animals determined to toss them and wrestling with massive beasts. You'll hear yourself gasp as you watch helplessly while a steer twice his size nearly crushes the cowboy you're cheering on!

It's unfathomable why any human would put their body up against that of an enormous animal which is determined to punish the human attempting to control it. But the result is a genuine western adventure you simply won't find doing anything else in Dallas.

What will you see at the rodeo? Steer wrestling, bull riding, bareback and saddle bronc, barrel racing and team roping. And, of course, the rodeo wouldn't be complete without the kids participating in mutton bustin' (riding a sheep) and pulling the ribbon from the tail of a calf. (We've been told by kids experienced with mutton bustin' that it can hurt when the child falls off and the sheep hooves come down on them.)

    Tips and Discounts for the Mesquite Championship Rodeo

  1. Try to sit near the center of the arena because the action takes place on both ends as well as the center.
  2. If you sit close to the rail in the front row, expect to get some flying dirt on you. (It's part of the fun!)
  3. Pre-register your child for a chance to be chosen for mutton bustin'.
  4. Read Rodeo 101 before going so you understand what's happening in the arena.
  5. Ticket prices range from $10 for kids to about $38 for adults, but steeply discounted tickets may be purchased through O'Reilly Auto Parts and other locations. There are also add-ons (with food and drinks) and upgrades (suites). No seat is a bad seat; it's all fun! Click here for tickets.

Mesquite Championship Rodeo Website

By Debbie Krubsack
July 24, 2016

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