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We get it, there's an idea that everything on the web is free to use. Well, sort of; it is free to read, but not to copy. Copyright laws apply on the web as much as they do to books and other printed literature.

We've invested countless time and our financial resources into researching this information and bringing it to your fingertips. We understand you need it, and that's why it is here. So, we'll explain what you can, and cannot, do with this material so there is no confusion--because we aggressively protect our copyrighted material.

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What You May Do with the Material on this Website

  1. You may, in your own words, summarize the subject of the material posted here and post your words on your website, in your email, or newsletter providing that you...
  2. Link back either to Collin County Guide's main website or to the direct link on the page that applies to the subject of your post.
  3. You are welcome to Pin, post to Facebook, Tweet or share on social media--as long as you either link back to this site or include our copyright.

What You May NOT Do with the Material on this Website

  1. You may not copy any portion of this website and reproduce it in any manner.
  2. You may not copy the subject matter and rewrite the article in your own words--even if you add a few extra tidbits of information.
  3. You may not copy the photos or images and reproduce them in any manner.
  4. You may not use a photo and manipulate it for use in any manner.

How We Will Help You with Your Need for Material on this Website

  1. Write to us and explain how you would like to use the material on this website.
  2. We MAY provide written approval for you to use the material in a limited scope if there is a link directed back to this site. There is no guarantee of this; each case will be thoughtfully considered.
  3. If we deem your distribution is of benefit to us, we MAY write up a brief editorial directing your readers back to our site. We MAY provide a photo along with the editorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The photo I want to use is of my house or my business. Can't I just use it?
    All works are copyrighted and you must acquire written permission from us to use the photo.
  2. I am in the photo or my child is in the photo. Can't I repost it on my Facebook page?
    Possibly, but you'll still need written permission from us to do so.
  3. How are you going to know if I used your material?
    We have the means and the resources, trust us.
  4. How soon will you get back to me? I need this tonight.
    If you need to produce something in the next few hours, we suggest you find alternate means to obtain the materials you need.
  5. I'm a I can use the material on this site without permission.
    We apologize, but there are no exceptions to this policy.
  6. Why do you care if I reproduce the information on your site? Isn't it good to get your name out there?
    There are many reasons why it is not good for us if others reproduce the information on their site.

Look, we're nice people and we are thrilled you found this information helpful. In fact, we want to help you share it! But please understand that this information has not been "free" to us. Therefore, we'll work together to find a win-win!

How To Contact Collin County Guide

Send us an email at with an explanation of what you'd like to use, why you'd like to use it, and how you will be distributing the information.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and courtesy.

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