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Posting Guidelines/Calendar Policy

Please review this posting guidelines to avoid disappointment. With the growing number of submissions to our calendar we are unable to respond to all events submitted. If your event does not qualify for a free listing, it may qualify for an upgrade or display ad.

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  1. Businesses may submit only one event per month, such as a restaurant submitting live music or entertainment. If more than one event is submitted, then we'll pick the one we like best for the calendar. (If you have more events to add, consider our purchase option.)
  2. Promotion of the business' services or products will not be included in the event listing or description.
  3. Free event listings will not be "branded" (include the business or organization name) and will not include "3rd Annual" or similar.
  4. We invite tourism bureaus, cities and towns to submit their events that are not already included on the calendar. There is no limit to the number of events we'll accept from these organizations as long as they fit the criteria listed below.
  5. We don't charge for listings, but we do offer upgrades. Click here.
  6. Family-friendly postings are welcome. Yes, clean "adult" fun is okay, too, such as wine tasting.
  7. Events should appeal to the majority of Collin County residents and provide interesting answers to the question "What should I do today?" Basically, if you think your event would make the people in the photo to the right smile, then we can post it. Remember, they'll also smile if their parents, grandparents, or kids are happy at an event, but the event must have some type of entertainment associated with it.
  8. Events designed to produce sales or promote a specific business do not qualify for a free listing. In other words, we won't post "Kids Eat Free on Thursdays!" or "$5 off a pizza!" Those may qualify for a purchased listing or display ad.
  9. It is not necessary the event be free, but a venue that charges admission and is hosting an event (such as a theme park) would need to purchase a display ad.
  10. Sales, Open Houses, Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Openings, anniversary celebrations, pet adoptions, lectures, most seminars & workshops, religious services, and many fundraisers are not considered "events". If there is a special component such as live entertainment, it may qualify. So, if a business is hosting a grand opening with live music and free food, they'll need to purchase a display ad. If your organization is running a car wash, sorry, that won't qualify.
  11. The types of fundraisers that do qualify are events that people can participate in or the general public would find fun to watch, such as a tournament, concert contest, festival, wine tasting, BBQ--something FUN--without an expectation of producing sales.
  12. Builder-sponsored events designed to create interest in a community do not qualify as a free event. They would need to purchase a display ad.
  13. Multi-day events will be considered, but all dates may not be included if the event runs longer than three days or the event name changes. (Consider a paid listing to separate event titles or include additional dates.)
  14. Multi-day events such as classes, camps, and retreats will not be included.
  15. Political and club meetings, work projects, business networking, seminars, lectures will not be posted--except job fairs. We figure that's a necessary event.
  16. When we select content for the calendar, we use the same criteria as listed above. This is why we don't list all of the events that take place at a particular venue.
  17. It is best to provide us with a link to your event, but if you don't have one, we'll provide the necessary info on our event page.
  18. If an event is submitted without complete contact information, the event will not be posted and we will not respond to the submission.
  19. If you manage many events for your organization, send us an email and we'll see if we can work out something mutually agreeable to make the process easier for you.
  20. If your event is not within Collin County, or does not meet the above criteria, you will need to purchase a display ad.
  21. We'll try to post the event within a week from submission, but we do work on our paid listings first. Then we process the events in the order they are received.
  22. If we choose not to post your event, we'll do our best to let you know.

Updated November 29, 2017
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