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Add a Mini Image to Your Event Listing (Expediting Included)

Mini Image Example
Do you want your event to stand out from the other events listed? Adding an image within the listing will do the trick! As these images are small, logos work well for this. (Expediting Included.)

Customer must submit .png image in 75x75 pixel dimension. Need help? Visit to easily crop and resize your image. Image will appear only on the main calendar page within the event listing. Display ads sold separately.

You may submit your image with your event submission here. If you have already submitted your event, then please email your mini image to us here.

One- or Multiple-Day Event Title - Does Not Renew

Does your event run for more than one day--but not longer than 7 days?
For each day that event appears on the calendar, please indicate from the drop down menu how many days you want your image to appear with the event listing--from one to seven days.

If you want the image on future event listings, you will need to return to the site to purchase additional days. The rate tier will begin again.

$50.00 First Day
$25 Consecutive Days
Number of Days Your Image Will Run

One Multiple Week Event Title - Renews Weekly

Does your event run every week?
This option works well if you wish to highlight one event, once weekly.

If you choose to restart this campaign, the rate tier begins again.

$50 First Week
$25 Second Week
$10 Consecutive Weeks

Event Title

Display Advertising

Laser mock ad Art for Kids mock ad

To purchase a display ad, click here.

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