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How to Buy an Ad on Collin County Guide

the easiest way to market to residents in

Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Wylie

When you purchase a Display Ad and Upgraded Listing, be sure to send to us all of your business details to our sales department.

Example Display Ads - 300x225

Laser mock ad Art for Kids mock ad

    Items to Note:
  1. You will receive a confirmation email from Collin County Guide within one business day after completing the PayPal checkout process. At this point, your sales consultant will answer any questions you may have regarding your page choice. Your Ad Start Date will begin within one business day of when you purchase your ad, so please be sure to have your ad ready to go.

  2. Please be sure to send an email to us here to submit your ad and information.

  3. All ads are automatically set up on a recurring payment basis. You may cancel your ad, according to your agreement, by clicking on the Cancel Your Ad Link on this site. All ad buys are for a minimum of sixty (60) days. Please review our Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Advertising Choices for Display Ads (300x225 pixels)
Secondary Pages

These pages appear when you click on a Primary page. Choose this for a highly targeted audience.
Please Select Page for Your Ad from the List Below
Primary Pages

These pages are the main links of the website you see from the Home page. Choose this for a combination of often viewed and highly targeted.
Please Select Page for Your Ad from the List Below
Calendar of Events/Seasonal

These pages are high-traffic pages. The calendar is frequently viewed as often as the Home page. Seasonal pages may exceed the Calendar or Home page for a short period of time. Choose this for greatest number of views.

Tip: Combine the calendar and seasonal page to meet the ad-buy minimum.
Please Select Page for Your Ad from the List Below
Home Page/Christmas Lights Page

The home page is typically most coveted. Only two ad spaces are available on this page. Choose this for greatest number of views.

The Christmas Lights page is the highest viewed page all year--for a brief duration. Tip: Advertise here November 15-January 14.
Please Select Page for Your Ad from the List Below

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